3 Types of Internal Fabrics for Blinds



Video Highlights:

00:08 – Jason’s Introduction
00:29 – Blockout Fabric
00:49 – Perfect if you want to keep light out
00:55 – Photo of Block out roller blinds
00:56 – Screen Fabric
01:34 – Use screen fabric to block view from the outside
01:46 – Photo of screen blind installed in our office
02:35 – With screen blinds, people can see in from the outside during night time
03:03 – Light filtering Fabric
03:19 – Use light filtering blinds if you don’t want prying eyes
03:58 – Photo of light filtering fabric installed in an office block

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Choose the Blockout Fabric to ensure that no light will come through at all [Click To Tweet]
Get the Screen fabric that maintains a view and a little bit of light [Click To Tweet]
Use the light filtering fabric that lets the light through but doesn’t allow seeing through  [Click To Tweet]


Today we’re going to take a look at “3 Types of Internal Fabrics for Blinds”

Hi, I’m Jason, from the company Blockout Blinds.

Today, I’m going to talk about the 3 types of fabric that we generally use for internal blinds. Blinds such as roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, and panel glide blinds.

Blockout Fabric

The first type of fabric we use is what we call the Blockout Fabric and as the name suggests, it is Block out, a 100% block out. No light will come through this at all. This is perfect if you want to keep the maximum amount of light out and if you want to keep the maximum amount of heat out as well. Now, here you will see a photo of a couple of block out roller blinds which we install recently at a childcare centre.

Three types of fabric for internal blinds

Screen Fabric

The second type of fabric that we use is called screen fabric. A screen fabric, as the name suggests, that you can see through it. As you can see there, you can see my hand. So the way this fabric works, is you put this down during the day. You can see outside, but people can’t see inside. So it lets you maintain a view and have a little bit of light coming inside as well. Here you can see, a photo of a screen blind that we have installed in our office. As you can see, you can see out through that screen but if you were to walk outside, you wouldn’t be able to see in. Next, we have some more screen blinds here that we install in a home in a country just outside of Melbourne and they’re halfway down so you could see the different effect it has from where the screen is to where the screen isn’t. And once again, if you are outside, you wouldn’t be able to see in.

Next we have a photo, looking from the outside in and this is showing what it looks like when the screen blind is down from the outside. As you can see, you can’t see in at all. The only thing with screen blinds is if you have them down at night time and the lights are on inside. Hence, it’s lighter inside and dark outside, the effect is reversed. The people will be able to see in but you won’t be able to see out. And you need to be aware of that because you don’t want to be caught unaware that people can see you from the outside at night time.

Light Filtering Fabric

The next fabric that we use is called a light filtering fabric and the reason it’s called as such is it lets the light filter through but you can’t physically see through the blind. So this is great if you want to let some light into your home, but you don’t need to see out or if you want to have it down at night time and not have people see back inside. If you have this down at night time with the lights on, people would not be able to see through inside and see what you’re doing. If you are standing really close to the window with a strong light behind you, you may see a silhouette but that’s all you’d see. I wouldn’t be able to tell if you are wearing a red t-shirt or a green t-shirt or whatever you might be wearing. So here, you’ll see a picture of light filtering blinds that we installed in an office block. And here’s another photo of the same office block from the outside showing that you can’t see back in through the light filtering material either.


So there you have it, that’s our three types of materials. We have the Blockout which blocks 100% of the light. We have the screen fabric which lets a little bit of light in and lets you maintain a view and then we have out light filtering fabric which let the light in but you can’t see in and or out of. So hopefully now, you have a bit more understanding of what type of fabric might be best for your home. Thanks for watching.

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