Café Blinds – Providing Homes With Versatile Function And Numerous Design Possibilities

Most households nowadays have very limited space to work with and the usual tendency of homeowners is to fill small rooms with new items to achieve better aesthetics. Doing this, however, limits the functionality of the rooms.

Cafe BlindsCreating more space to work with is not that hard, even for really small homes. The transformation of a cramped space by integrating “special” features can yield so many ideas for decoration or styling and nowadays, a transformation does not necessarily start with big changes – just focusing on one thing can open up so many possibilities. According to home designers and renovation experts, the key principle to go with when it comes to making rooms look bigger is by drawing in more light. A popular strategy often used by renovation experts is to knock down partitions or solid walls, keeping the space open or installing massive glass windows or sliding doors. This “focused” renovation strategy can instantly create indoor-outdoor rooms – meaning indoor rooms that open up directly to create a smooth “flow of space.” Typically, homeowners want this nice “flow of space” for their receiving rooms and kitchens where people gather and automatically create traffic.

Employing this home renovation strategy yields many benefits; it can improve air circulation and ventilation as well as make use of natural light for most of the day. Design-wise, on the other hand, it can create a very modern and versatile appearance.

However, too much light and heat can compromise special household elements; the finish and colour of wood flooring can become warped and develop an uneven tone around the area that is often hit by natural light, while the spot that’s properly shaded stays vibrant. This problem is easy to remedy, though, and the even nicer thing to consider is how the solution to this dilemma also has its own great contribution to the overall appearance and function of the room. Café blinds can properly shield rooms from the intense heat and light of the sun; they can be manipulated to control the amount of light that goes into the room, as well as protect the privacy of the home.

Café blinds also offer another important functionality; they can transform open spaces like patios, open wall-less gazebos, cabanas and even pavilions into nice enclosed, private spaces. Households can create an extra room for guests to use, just by installing café blinds around their porches or patios; the blinds are sturdy, they provide enough privacy, and they can effectively protect the space from weather elements like rain, snow, wind, light and heat.

Homeowners who want a change in the design and function of their rooms now have a great solution in their hands in the form of café blinds. To learn more about the different types, sizes, materials and mechanisms, visit our cafe blinds range here.

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