Melbourne Decorators Provide Creative Ideas For These Home Extensions

If you want to create extra functional space for your home, you don’t need a large budget to accomplish this purpose. With the quick installation of folding arm awnings, you can easily create a nice patio for your home to use for entertaining or any type of extension to open up a space without letting too much sunlight in.

Folding Arms AwningIn creating instant patios and home extensions with folding arm awnings, Melbourne home decorators have a wealth of ideas for making this extended functional space more beautiful and comfortable.

1. Lining up potted plants parallel to the sides of the awning can transform the shaded area into a legitimate patio. Place some weather-resistant furniture like lounge chairs and plastic benches and you get a great spot for outdoor entertaining.

2. Placing a bistro table and chairs under the awnings offers a nice space for cosy and intimate outdoor dining. On days with really nice weather when the breeze is cool and the sunlight’s not too fierce, evacuating the dining room and “dining out” is always a great idea. If you intend to keep your awnings up all year round (which you can definitely do since they’re custom made to the highest standards), you may even accessorise them with strip lights and other hanging ornaments like paper lanterns, buntings, fake crawling vines and others.

3. The instant patio can also be transformed into an instant cabana if you have a pool. Place a straw mat on the floor, bring out colourful cushions and a small table, and you get a place to lounge in after a swim—one that will protect you from the heat and harmful rays of the sun.

4. Taking out tall standing lamps as well can make the space look more distinguished. If standing lamps are not available, luminaries can serve the same purpose and they even provide a nicer ambience.

5. Folding arm awnings make great instant car ports as well. Install them in front or at the side of the house and your car is instantly protected from the heat of the sun, rain and even snow.

Folding arm awnings come in a vast selection of colours, can be operated manually or with a remote control, and have optional sun, rain and wind sensors that conveniently extend or retract the awning automatically. There are still so many other things that you can do to improve and elevate the appearance and function of your home just by installing these special “home extensions.” Basically, you’re only limited by your imagination, so before you consider a major renovation for your home to have more functional space to use, consider installing awnings first and you may just surprise yourself with the numerous home styling ideas you’ll come up with.

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