How to fix a roller blind chain that has come off its track



In this video:
00:16 – How roller blind chains get broken
00:52 – Taking the blind off the bracket
01:39 – Placing the chain back into the control mechanism
03:08 – Sliding the cap back into the tube
03:21 – Putting the blind back up on the bracket

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Today we’re going to take a look at “How To Fix A Broken Roller Blind Chain”.

Alright so what we’ve got here is a roller blind with the grate chain system which really makes the blind easy to pull up and down, very simple. Now it’s very hard for the chain to come off if used properly. If used properly, the chain really should be pulled straight up and down, in-line with the blind. But what will happen is occasionally some people will reach over or kids will use it and they’ll pull the blind on a little bit of an angle. And what this can do is the chain will get caught in the top cog and it becomes quite hard to pull so you know that you’re actually sort of doing the wrong thing. If you keep pulling, eventually the chain will pop off the mechanism and you no longer can control the blind.

How To Fix A Broken Roller Blind Chain

How To Fix A Broken Roller Blind Chain

Fixing the problem chain

So first of all, what we need to do is to grab this little plastic wheel here and it will spin in one direction. It might be a little bit hard to grab but just spin it around and it will eventually get to a point where the pin will retract and it will stay enclosed. That means that you could simply slide the blind behind – off the bracket and then pull it away from the control end and the control end will simply come off the little pin from the other bracket, it’s easy as that. Then what you might like to do, if your blind is in the down position still, maybe just roll it up until it’s all one nice little roll so it’s easier to move around. So we now have our blind and we have our chain that we’ve removed from the blind, so just put that to the side. Now, the end that the chain goes on – you have the control mechanism – and that should simply just pull out of the end of the blind, very easy.

Now what you will see is, inside here we have a little screw, now we need to remove this screw with a Phillips screw driver which will remove this little cap on the end of the mechanism which means we’ll then be able to put the chain back on. So we just remove the screw. Usually it will take a couple of turns and then what you’ll find is the mechanism will pull apart. Simply just grab your chain, put it back onto the groves where the chain sits, push the cap back on, and once you’ve done that, put the screw back into the middle and line the screwdriver up. It should be easy then tighten the screw back up. While you’re doing that it’s a good idea just to hold your finger on the other end because this part can slide out once the screw is released, so just sort of keep a bit of a grip on that while you remove the screw. Once you’ve done that, it’s basically just a matter of sliding this back into the tube – like so – give it a bit of a tap to get it in. And now we have the chain back on and we’re right to go to put the blind back up onto the brackets.

Re-mounting the blind

So now we have our blind with the chain back on, it’s just a matter of simply putting it back up on the brackets. One thing to remember is the little wheel that we’ve retracted earlier to take it down, just give it a little bit of a flick and the pin will pop back out. This pin is spring loaded and will be sliding into this bracket at the end. So what we have to do first is to slide the control mechanism in, back onto the bracket here and it is important to make sure that the top of the mechanism here stays at the top when you put it on the blind. You don’t want to install the blind with this piece at the side or at the front because the chain won’t run smoothly through the mechanism. So we simply pick that at the top. Line the hole up with the pin on the bracket – you may have to just wobble it left and right slightly to line it up. Then the right hand side – you just push the pin on the slot and it slides back on, and we have our blind operating as good as new.

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