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Fantastic Roller Blinds Melbourne Wide

It’s easy to freshen up the look of your home or office with an accent of modern simplicity by installing roller blinds. These blinds blend instant appeal with the practicality of smooth and easy operation, and we’re confident that our roller blinds Melbourne wide service will impress.

Also known as Holland Blinds or Sunscreen Roller Blinds, our roller blinds Melbourne service provides a clean, crisp look to any contemporary or traditional backdrop in a stunning range of fantastic fabrics and colours. There isn’t any home that can’t be enhanced with the illusion of extra space and you’ll love how these sleek fitting blinds are made just to the width of your windows so they take up minimal room.

Roller blinds repel summer heat and enclose winter warmth for seasonal comfort. You can also choose light filtering and sunscreen fabrics for a sheer effect that lets in soft sunshine and views, or select full blockout fabrics to turn your room into a secluded retreat for night time privacy.

These immensely popular blinds also boast heavy duty chain systems that can withstand the rigours of repeated opening and closing. As they are so easy to clean, these blinds offer carefree maintenance combined with style and functionality.

Whatever style or design you’re after, our roller blinds can be tailor made to suit any décor. Contact Blockout Blinds today and see the finest roller blinds Melbourne has to offer.

Benefits, Features and Options of Roller Blinds Melbourne


  • Roller blinds are an affordable, practical and versatile window covering solution which provide a classic and stylish look
  • Easy to use and operate and are great for windows or doors where you need to open and close blinds regularly
  • Use an easily controlled heavy duty chain system, making them easily adjustable and easy to clean
  • Roller blinds are only as wide as your window, so they take up minimal space while allowing maximum view
  • Easy care and maintenance – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth or light vacuum allows the blinds to look like new
  • Our screen fabrics provide UV protection and privacy while still allowing you to see out
  • Help to keep heat out in summer and keep the warmth in during winter
  • If you require privacy then the full blockout blinds will ensure people cannot see in
  • Can be designed to suit any home design – modern, contemporary or traditional


  • Blockout Blinds is an industry leader and Australia’s first blind company to offer a 5 way 10 year guarantee for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind (refer to our ‘Guarantee’ section to read more)
  • All Blockout Blinds are custom made to the highest standards
  • Light filtering and sunscreen fabrics offer a way to reduce the glare while still allowing a large amount of soft natural light into your room without blocking the view
  • We use high quality materials which include aluminium roller tubes as standard
  • The exclusive use of Acmeda hardware, available in classic chain drive, linked, dual and spring assist, demonstrates our commitment to quality
  • Blockout Blinds employs innovative manufacturing techniques, such as ultrasonic cutting to prevent fraying, so your blinds remain looking good for longer
  • Our roller blinds are made to comply with Australian Child Safety Laws
  • Blockout Blinds roller blinds are made in Australia


  • Blockout Blinds offers a large range of roller blinds to suit your requirements
  • Choose from our wide range of fabrics, trims and hardware options
  • Roller blinds can have spring or chain control systems
  • Available in widths up to 3 metres and drops to 3 metres, making them suitable for the largest windows

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