Roman Blinds – Custom

If you really want to indulge your passion for home décor, custom roman blinds Melbourne are the blinds that you can customise to your heart’s content.

Also known as fabric Romans or soft Romans, custom roman blinds Melbourne can be made from an extensive range of curtain materials with extra embellishments such as swags, pleated cords and pelmets adding a sophisticated look. You can also infuse character into these polished looking blinds with your choice of fabric weight, texture and colours.

Create a bold visual statement by making your blinds a contrasting focal point of the room or coordinate them to match your existing furnishings such as pillows and sofas.

Custom roman blinds Melbourne are customised from curtain fabrics for a plush and luxurious look and feel. They can be crafted from any curtain material you like, giving you free reign to express your personality. Go formal or casual, embrace hot trends or honour vintage tradition – there are endless possibilities.

They can be mounted out of the way above window frames to maximise views and they can extend past frames to totally block out glare and create complete privacy.

With the changing seasons, custom roman blinds will reflect or retain the heat to enhance your comfort and increase energy efficiency in your home. They lend a happy balance of glamour and functionality to any domain, with an individuality that is unmistakably yours.

Benefits, Features and Options of Custom Roman Blinds Melbourne


  • Custom Romans can extend past the bottom and sides of the window frame, offering better light blockout compared to most other blinds
  • Mounting the blinds above the window frame allows them to be drawn completely out of the way so you can enjoy your view and maximise the light entering your home
  • Custom Romans can be ordered in an extensive range of fabrics and can also be made in any curtain material you choose
  • Custom Romans can be ordered in an extensive range of curtain fabrics and can also be made in standard canvas or any curtain material you choose
  • Custom Romans are great for keeping out the heat and insulating your room, in winter they will help retain the heat


  • Blockout Blinds is an industry leader and Australia’s first blind company to offer a 5 way 10 year guarantee for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind (refer to our ‘Guarantee’ section to read more)
  • All Blockout Blinds custom Roman blinds are custom made to the highest standards
  • Blockout Blinds employs innovative manufacturing techniques
  • The lining on our custom Romans is pre-stretched to avoid shrinking or stretching when your blinds are installed
  • We use a 4 pass stiffened lining designed for Roman blinds, rather than the standard cheaper 3 pass lining designed for curtains
  • Choose from a standard cord operation or 3 styles of chain operation options and our Custom Romans can even be motorised for your convenience
  • Blockout Blinds custom Roman blinds are made in Australia


  • Blockout Blinds offers a large range of custom Romans to suit your requirements
  • Three different types of chain controls to suit your needs
  • Custom Romans are usually fitted on the window frame, another method of installing custom Roman blinds is above the architraves which maximises the amount of natural sunlight coming into your house when the blinds are up
  • Due to the various installation options custom Romans can be combined with roller blinds and pelmets for a layered look that creates privacy when your Custom Roman’s are up
  • Motorisation is available on our extensive range of custom Romans
  • Available in widths up to 3.5 metres and drops to 3 metres, making them suitable for the largest windows

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