Vertical Blinds

When you want to establish privacy without blocking out natural light, Vertical Blinds are one of your most affordable and accessible options yet they are stylish enough to draw the eye.

 Inexpensive and versatile Vertical Blinds are adjusted with easy functionality as the blinds move horizontally with a smooth gliding action.  The sideways, hassle free motion of these blinds means they are well suited to sliding doors and large windows.  They stack neatly and tightly when fully pulled across.

Control temperature and light according to your contrasting moods, whether it’s cool ambient shade you crave or the restorative benefits of full sunshine.

 The sleek, streamlined appearance of our Vertical Blinds is beautifully complemented by our commitment to quality materials. Durable fade resistant fabrics are integrated with strong structural components.  These blinds are extremely low maintenance as they collect much less dust than other blinds so they’ll continue to enhance your decor for many years.


  • Vertical Blinds are the no hassle blinds, no need to draw blinds up or down just slide across as far as you need for easy access
  • Very popular for covering sliding doors and large windows
  • Vertical Blinds provide privacy and security with the adjustable blades allowing you to see out, without others seeing in
  • Ideal for residential, rental or commercial properties


  • Blockout Blinds is an industry leader and Australia’s first blind company to offer a 5 way 10 year guarantee for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind (refer to our ‘Guarantee’ section to read more)
  • All Blockout Blinds Vertical Blinds are custom made to the highest standards
  • Light is easily controlled with chain or wand option to rotate vanes up to 180° when closed and rapidly open to stack neatly allowing for maximum viewing capacity
  • Vertical Blinds are available in many sizes and options
  • Vertical Blinds can be matched to Holland and Venetian Blinds
  • Re-alignment clutch and auto stopping blades prevent accidental breakage from over-rotation of blade
  • Blockout Blinds Vertical Blinds are made in Australia


  • Blockout Blinds offers a large range of Vertical Blinds to suit your requirements
  • Vertical Blinds are available with or without pelmets
  • Blades come in the right size for your windows including – 90 mm and 127 mm widths
  • Other features include various chain and weight alternatives, centre opening, centre bunch and left or right hand bunch options
  • Blades can have bottom weight chains or sewn-in chainless weights, which means no tangling in your vacuum cleaner or pets chewing on them!
  • Available in widths up to 5700 mm and drops to 3600 mm, making them suitable for the largest windows

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