Retractable Fly Screens

Keep Flies Out With Retractable Fly Screens

When you want to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without the inconvenience of flies and bugs indoors, then retractable fly screens are the perfect solution. Placing fly screens into your windows and doors allows you to enjoy nature’s beneficial ingredients of healthy sunlight and uplifting breezes without the uninvited guests. Our innovative retractable fly screens have eliminated the old problems of traditional fly screens which are often ugly, obstruct views, difficult to remove and unable to be fitted to the larger modern bi-fold and sliding doors that are now common and popular in open plan living areas.

After installing our retractable fly screens, you’ll love their elegant, uncluttered look and high quality materials. No screws, no bulky parts, a smooth sliding action easy enough for all ages to operate and most importantly, they can be fitted to almost any window or door. You can even open them part of the way to pass through food and drinks outside for entertaining. Clever design for comfortable living, our range of retractable fly screens includes retractable fly screen doors and retractable fly screen windows, as well as other types of exterior blinds. All designed to help you enjoy the outdoors even more, contact Blockout Blinds today.

Benefits, Features and Options of Retractable Fly Screens


  • Easy to operate for children and elderly alike
  • Very popular for sliding and bi-fold doors, large windows and porch/patio enclosures
  • Low maintenance and screens can be easily replaced if damaged
  • The retractable fly screen doors include various options to suit your budget


  • Blockout Blinds is an industry leader and Australia’s first blind company to offer a 5 way 10 year guarantee for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind
  • All Blockout Blinds’ retractable fly screens are custom made to the highest standards
  • Available in 10 standard colours or can also be custom painted to match your existing colour scheme
  • Retractable Flyscreen Doors features include:
  • Horizontal Single Cassette Door (SCD) system, this system can be used with or without a brake and suits doors up to 1500 mm wide x 2400 mm high
  • Horizontal Single Cassette Door Smooth system (SCDS), this is our flagship product and the ‘Smooth’ system is child friendly and allows the fly screen to be stopped in any position from fully open to closed. Suits doors up to 1800 mm wide x 2400 mm high (the height must exceed width by 300 mm to ensure there is sufficient space for the counter weight to operate)
  • Horizontal Double Cassette Door (DCD) system is a horizontal operated screen with a cassette at each side. This system is ideal for larger openings such as stacker or bi-fold doors and patio enclosure and suit doors up to 4500 mm wide x 2400 mm high
  • Vertical Window Screen for Doors(VWS) system is ideal for fly screen doors or windows and comprises of a vertical retractable chain operated system which can be used on doors where a horizontal screen is not desirable or practical. Suits doors up to 2400 mm wide (or 3200mm wide if motorised) x 2600 mm high
  • Retractable Fly Screen Windows features include:
  • Vertical WindowScreen (VWS) system is ideal for fly screen windows or doors and comprises of a vertical retractable chain operated system which can be used on doors where a horizontal screen is not desirable or practical. Suits doors up to 2400 mm wide x 2600 mm high and are ideal for servery, tuck shops and other service areas
  • Blockout Blinds’ retractable flyscreens are made in Australia


  • Blockout Blinds offers a large range of retractable fly screens to suit your requirements
  • You have the option to have a brake which slows the recoil when slider is accidentally released
  • A anti-wind mesh is available, this is a system of two opposing brush strips inserted in guides to aid the retention of the mesh into the guide when the wind picks up
  • Chain operation is available for wider vertical screens. Ideal over bench tops, server bi-folds and tuck shops
  • Tuff Mesh is a heavy duty insect screen that is ideal for use in high traffic areas and is pet and tear resistant. Made from vinyl coated polyester, it is 3 times stronger than our standard insect screen while maintaining excellent outward visibility. It is excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as window and doors with the added benefit of blocking UV by 55%.
  • Breathe Easy screens are also available.They consist of a polyester high density mesh and an insect screen, this mesh possesses excellent filtration properties, whilst still allowing fresh air to circulate. Extensive test results have proven this mesh will filter dust and pollens (up to 99% in some cases), improving the air quality while enjoying fresh air
  • If the mesh becomes torn or damaged, the mesh can be replaced without the need to replace the entire system

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