Retractable Fly Screen Doors

Horizontal Single Cassette System

The horizontal single cassette system is for retractable fly screen doors.

  • This system can be used with or without a brake
  • A brake will reduce the recoil speed back into the cassette should the screen be released carelessly
  • Suites doors up to 1500mm wide x 2400mm high

Horizontal Single Cassette with “Smooth System”

The horizontal single cassette with the “Smooth System” is for retractable fly screen doors.

As our flagship product, the “Smooth System” is children friendly and allows the fly screen to be stopped in any position from fully open to fully closed.

  • Screen has a counter weight which means the screen is almost frictionless and will stop in any position
  • Suites doors up to 2100mm wide x 2400mm high (height must exceed width by 300mm to ensure the counter weight can operate)
  • Wider screens have no resistance to movement
  • Easy to operate for elderly and children alike

Horizontal Double Cassette System

The horizontal single cassette is for retractable fly screen doors.

  • A Horizontally operated screen with a cassette at each side
  • Easily operated spring assisted catch secures sliding bar in centre (or predefined position)
  • Ideal for larger openings such as stacker doors, bifolds and patio enclosures
  • Suites doors up to 4500mm wide x 2400mm high
  • Can have off set screens to create more convenient access door

Vertical Single Cassette System

The vertical cassette system is ideal for retractable fly screen doors however it can also be used for retractable fly screen windows.

  • A vertical retractable chain operated system can be used on doors where a horizontal screen is not desirable or practical
  • Suites doors up to 2400mm wide (or 3200mm wide if motorised) x 2600mm high

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