Testimonial from Collette – Reservoir

Video Highlights:

0:01 – Reservoir resident Collette praises Blockout Blinds
0:15 – Collette explains her experience
0:38 – How did Collette hear about Blockout Blinds?

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Video Transcription
My Name is Collette from Reservoir, I have used Blockout Blinds and I’ll recommend them definitely to someone else. The consultant that we originally had was Elliott and he was just wonderful, not pushy, no pressure, he’s in for about 2 hours went through everything really slowly and made sure we understood everything. I also told him that I was going to get another quote because I don’t know what blinds cost but I was also happy with the service and everything that was with Blockout Blinds anyway. So installation was no worries at all, even though he dinted my wall but it’s was all
rectified pretty fast and smoothly. I’m happy, definitely recommend them to anyone that wants blinds. I actually first heard about Blockout Blinds, my mum had a 20 percent discount brochure that she gave to me and it was as simple as that.

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