Testimonial from Michele – Yarra Valley


Video Highlights:

00:01 – Yarra Valley resident Michele praises Blockout Blinds
00:06  – Michele compared Blockout Blinds with other companies
00:38 – The reason why Blockout Blinds won the job over other companies
00:47 – Why Michele loves the entire staff at Blockout Blinds
01:18  – Why Michele will continue to recommend Blockout Blinds to other people

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Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Michele Gander and I live in Yarra Valley. We first always do a bit of research before we buy anything and I always usually get three quotes so that usually covers the top and the bottom of the gamut.

The international company was the highest and the other company was pretty much equal to what yours was, however the interesting thing was the international company with all this great reputation and all their fabulous fabrics that they talked about only gave me a 5 year guarantee and yours was 10 so it was an easy choice.

First, I think what was really important was how approachable and friendly your company is and all the people that we dealt with were really good in communicating with us. The quote came through very quickly. All the set-up for having you come in and actually do the job was really easy so once we’ve made the decision everything was piece of cake as they say.

We will definitely use Blockout Blinds for our next purchase. We’ve had such good service and the quality of the product is excellent so there’s no reason why we wouldn’t use you guys again. I already recommended Blockout Blinds to several friends. I recommend not only the quality of their product but the fact that the service is so good and quick. You guys are fabulous! Thank you very much!

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